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Booking Laura or Kathy

Laura Greiner and Kathy Escobar speak to women today about how God’s story is being told and retold in the lives of women all around us - women from all stages and phases of life; women from all cultures and socioeconomic places. And His story in each of our lives is a story of HOPE. Hope for today. Hope for tomorrow. Hope for the here and now amidst the confusing chaos of our everyday realities.

As churches around the country try and break into the refreshing realm of authenticity, Laura and Kathy cheer on this effort through sharing and exploring real-life stories which are both messy and redemptive.

They also encourage women into a place of embracing God’s story in their own life and they illustrate how embracing God as our author helps us live from a place of childlike expectancy. Living like this also helps us ask the question What are you up to God? instead of the dead-end, age-old question, Why God?

Laura and Kathy leave women encouraged with the all-too-often forgotten truth that we have a big God with a big story and it is a story for and about you, a story infused with hope.

They have extensive speaking experience & are available for women’s retreats, workshops, and other ministry events either individually or together. Fees vary depending on the event.
For more information on booking, contact them at:
Laura Greiner – laura@lauragreiner.com. 303-717-4379
Kathy Escobar – kathy@therefugeonline.org. 720-270-1298
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